How can I convert a fill pattern, e.g. 'wavy' to a path, so I can edit it as a path, change colour, etc.? I tried Path > Object to Path, it doesn't do anything. I also tried tricks, like export to PDF, reimport through Poppler, again no effect.

enter image description here

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    A sh*tty work around I found for this case which is too complex to redo from scratch, is to export as a high-res PNG (e.g. 1200 dpi), then create a scratch document, import the PNG and vectorise it again (Trace Bitmap). Can't believe such basic functionality is missing in Inkscape… – 0__ Jul 24 '20 at 8:59
  • I was about to post that. simplify the vectorised paths to smooth them out. – Razetime Jul 26 '20 at 12:41

Printing through Microsoft's PDF printer and then reimporting with internal import seems to work for me.

  • Works for me also. I use this method to turn Excel graphs into SVG via PDF. Graphics convert properly. – StainlessSteelRat Jul 25 '20 at 0:44

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