I use BitDefender Endpoint Protection on 200+ machines and servers. As I am about to renew the licence that is about 7000 USD / triennial, I was wondering is the antivirus necessary at all today on Windows 10?

EDIT: It said below I need to edit this question, so here gives: I am sysadmin for almost 20 years, and I need something measurable in AV protection comparison, especially from someone who is in similar position as I am. For example - if metrics say 99.4% vs 99.9% protection, that can mean much or nothing, depending on situation, so some explaining will help. The current situation is that it seems all AV programs are good, which makes the question is Windows Defender good enough from Enterprise point of view. Savings that could be made on this are huge, therefore this question must be considered. Over 6yr period AV programs costs about the same as Windows licence.

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    Honestly, I don't think so but this question is opinion-based anyways. Windows Defender already does a good job. The security is all in the person behind the screen, if you don't visit sketchy websites you're mostly fine. – CaldeiraG Dec 3 at 16:26
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    It all depends on the user - they are the weak link due to social engineering attacks. I stopped using anti-virus on my own PC about a decade ago and haven't had an infection since. Some users manage to keep infecting their PCs, regardless of what AV software they have installed. The greatest risk comes from less tech-savvy users who click on infected banner ads, download and execute malicious attachments from infected emails etc. I'd say there would be a benefit in your case as, out of 200 users, there will always be some who run things they shouldn't and AV will catch some of it. – Mr Ethernet Dec 3 at 16:40
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    @CaldeiraG I know that you had the best of intentions with your edit, but "triennial" wasn't actually a typo. – Run5k Dec 3 at 17:08
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    Although there is no absolute authority on antivirus testing, this one has always been well-regarded. Defender was doing better & better over the past few years, until this year, when it's fallen down the rankings a long way [for both business & home] See av-test.org/en/antivirus/business-windows-client – Tetsujin Dec 3 at 17:08
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    I think it is a good idea to consider the value of the extra features that "endpoint" anti-virus provides for sysadmins. Features like remote administration, "deep-freeze", reporting user activity, etc. AFAIK Windows Defender can be remotely configured by a Group Policy, but beyond that there is really no features that help sysadmins manage or monitor the security of multiple PCs. Even Microsoft wants to sell those features separately. – Romen Dec 3 at 17:48