Windows 10 does not let me add tiles to my start menu and I do not know why.

I had a school account on my laptop but I removed it and everything else was fixed but not my start menu settings.

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  • So, are you now using a local account with admin privileges? – GabrielaGarcia Dec 3 at 18:56
  • Yes i am using a local account with admin privileges @GabrielaGarcia – jasmine Dec 3 at 19:49

Below are some fixes that might help in your case. I suggest before starting to create at least a System Restore point, so to have an easy way of undoing them, just in case.

Allow full Microsoft telemetry

  • Run the Local Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc)
  • Navigate to Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Data Collection
  • Double-click "Allow Telemetry" and set it to Enabled and the drop-down menu entry to "3 - Full"
  • Click OK
  • Reboot

Later on you could return this to "1 - Basic", if you wish.

Check for corruption

Check for Windows system errors using the following:

  • Run chkdsk
  • Run sfc /scannow and the DISM command at the end of the article

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