First everything worked fine. My OneDrive location was "D:\OneDrive" on my main pc. All files synced and everything in order.

I then wanted to add my office 365 home family account to my laptop as well. That worked good. Onedrive was syncing there.

A few days later the sync didn't work anymore on my main PC. I tried and re-couple the onedrive by signing off onedrive on the main pc and siging on again.

That didn't work; it says cannot use folder. It only works when I leave the default folder which is "C:\Users\MyName\OneDrive\"

But that location is too small. My second disk D: is 2Tb and therefore large enough. The documents and files which are on my onedrive are still on the D:\OneDrive location.

I tried;

  • renaming the original onedrive folder so the naming wouldn't collide.

  • moving the folder to another location on the D: but that didn't work as well.

it only let's me sync to the C: drive.

Can anyone help me out how to fix this?

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