My data consists of a month column A (1 through 12) and a values column B (financial returns) spanning multiple years. How do I count the number of month occurrences in the second half of the year with positive returns?

Let's also say I have values 1 through 12 in a third column C

A formula like this does not seem to work:

=COUNTIFS($B$2:$B$999, ">0", $A$2:$A$999, ">=C6")

C6 simply equals the number 6. I can't seem to pass on boolean/inequality values into the ifs criteria using a cell reference. How do I get around this? I tried removing quotes and using the & but still no luck.

Column B = Returns, Column A = Months (1-12), Column C = 1 through 12 (to present a table of counts).

Thanks for any help! Much appreciated!

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    remove the reference from th quotes and concatenate: ">=" & C6 – Scott Craner Dec 3 at 22:04
  • To maintain consistency, you might want to change ">0" to ">"&0. It isn't absolutely necessary but it would make future editing more obvious. – Jeeped Dec 3 at 23:16

First let me explain that why you are getting as error using the Formula,,

=COUNTIFS($B$2:$B$999, ">0", $A$2:$A$999, ">=C6")
  • Reason, the command syntax is wrong with second part.

    $A$2:$A$999, ">=C6")

  • Which should written like $A$2:$A$999, ">="&C6),, as also been pointed by few readers through comments above.

Now let me show you the correct formula to use.

  • If you use this:

    =COUNTIFS($H$27:$H$35, ">0", $G$27:$G$35, ">="&J26)

or even,,

=COUNTIFS($H$27:$H$35, ">"&0, $G$27:$G$35, ">"&J26)

enter image description here

You get 5 (cell I27), since the formula fails to consider data in Range H27:H35, are >0 (or Positive value).

N.B. Even any Array formula (CSE) fails to do so,, also including this ">"&0.

Now, check the Formula in Cell J27, gets correct count.


enter image description here

You may adjust cell references in the formula as needed.

  • a) The OP clearly states 'data consists of a month column A (1 through 12)'. Your COUNTIFS only works because the dates are all greater than 06-Jan-1900 (aka 6). b) You're using ">"&J26 in the COUNTIFS but >J$26 in the SUMPRODUCT. – Jeeped Dec 4 at 10:16
  • @Jeeped,, thanks for observation,,, OP wants to count all Row/Cells have date greater than JUNE ,,, along with +ve values ,,, with shown example dates are genuine and in MM/DD/YY format,,, with Counifs allowed syntax is '">"&J26 but what matters is the operator and is > in both functions! – Rajesh S 2 days ago

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