I am using Windows 10's (1909) "OpenSSH Authentication Agent" (net start ssh-agent). I add keys using ssh-add.exe, but I am wondering why these keys are still active immediately after rebooting my machine:

C:\> ssh-add -l
2048 SHA256:... bersbers (RSA)

I have tried using the -t parameter to limit at least the time, but then I get a communication with agent failed error, while adding the works fine without -t:

C:\>ssh-add -t 24h bersbers.openssh
Enter passphrase for bersbers.openssh:
Could not add identity "bersbers.openssh": communication with agent failed

C:\>ssh-add bersbers.openssh
Enter passphrase for bersbers.openssh:
Identity added: bersbers.openssh (bersbers)

This is the SSH version that I am using:

C:\>ssh -V
OpenSSH_for_Windows_7.7p1, LibreSSL 2.6.5

I begin to think this is not possible. Well-hidden in the Win32-OpenSSH wiki, I found this:

ssh-agent only supports '-l' '-L' 'd' and '-D' options. It ignores '-c' and '-t' options of ssh-add. It persistently and permanently stores the user's private key.


And both limitations are discussed as issues here:

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