To view specific cookies in Chrome, currently I have to:

  1. Go to preferences
  2. Click Under the Hood tab
  3. Click Content Settings... button
  4. Click Cookies tab (if it's not already active)
  5. Click Show cookies and other site data... button

If I want to narrow this down to a specific domain, I have to type it in, too.

Chrome Chores

Compare this to Firefox:

  1. View Page Info
  2. Click Security tab
  3. Click View Cookies

The domain for the page I'm currently on is already used as a filter, too.

My question:

Is there an easier way in Chrome? I've done some searching for an extension but have come up with nothing.

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    It's just 2 more clicks, is it really that bad? – Daisetsu Jun 9 '10 at 17:08
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    @Daisetsu, don't add comments/answers unless they are worthwhile contributions. – macek Jun 9 '10 at 17:31
  • It wasn't an answer so I posted a comment. Sorry if I wasted your time. It looks like you found your answer though anyway. – Daisetsu Jun 10 '10 at 21:38

You can view cookies related to current website by right-click -> Inspect Element -> Storage -> Cookies.

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    Does not work with current version of Chrome. See @Andrews answer. – whitneyland Feb 12 '13 at 18:14

Chrome has changed things a little with their developer tools. The proper procedure for Chrome 11 is:

  1. Right click --> Inspect Element.
  2. Click the Resources tab.
  3. In the left pane, scroll down and click Cookies.
  4. You may have to expand Cookies (click the little arrow next to it), and click the domain of the site you are currently on to see its cookies.

Quicker, use this chrome extension: Edit This Cookie

enter image description here


Probably, the best choice is to use external cookie viewers. Such as ChromeCookiesView or CookieSpy. They both allow view/delete cookies of Google Chrome.


You can bookmark chrome://settings/cookies to go right to the cookies window. You still have to use the search box or scroll if you just want just cookies for the current page.

As Matthieu and Tapkin said, there's an extension. Actually, there are lots of extensions for this now. Pick one with very good ratings whose publisher looks legit, if you feel trusting.

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