I am the owner of the domain name http://www.kalisto-decor.be/. I didn't add a hosting to this domain because it just has the purpose to redirect. This domain is set up with a 301 forward to another domain. The redirect goes fine when you enter www.kalisto-decor.be. But when I go to a subdirectory of the domain, example http://www.kalisto-decor.be/details.html the page generates a 404 error page. So it doesn't link to the right redirect domain.

I have added this A-record to the DNS-management page: .kalisto-decor.be/*

What can I do to get every page forwarded to the other domain? I can't add a .htacccess file to the root folder, because there is no hosting on the page.


You can't do what you are asking unless the web provider has provision for it in the web service. DNS (with respect to http protocol) does nothing more then convert a domain into an IP address. This is clearly working.

To be clear ".kalisto-decor.be/*" is a nonsense in a DNS record, as (for HTTP) there is no DNS mechanism for handling pages. Your DNS provider should not be allowing this kind of entry - it is being ignored.

When negotiating an HTTP(S) request A DNS lookup takes place. The web client then sends a request to the web server. One of the first lines of the request will be something like "GET /details.HTML HTTP/1.1". The second line is something like " Host: www.calisto-decor.de"- These requests are made by browser without reference to DNS (ie not using the DNS protocol). As long as the web server is not configured to return a 300 series response ( in this case 301), no redirect can take place.

In other words, you are still using a web server for the redirect, but that server is not configured to handle redirects for URLs.



After contact with the domain provider, they suggested 2 solutions. 1: Send the traffic with a CNAME-record from kalisto-decor.be to dimk.be. Hereby there will be sent a page en will dimk.be/PAGE been called.

2: In the hostingpackage of dimk.be, create a .htaccess file with the redirect from kalisto-decor.be to the homepage of dimk.be.

I chose solution 1 because the domain name provider could do this for me.


  • 1 is bad advice. Whoever gave it to you does not properly understand CNAMES. This may have unintended side effects resolving mail and subdomains. – davidgo Dec 6 '19 at 8:40
  • Indeed. I already had a reply of a collegue of the one who gave the advice, with the notification not to do this. – Brutus Wolfson Dec 7 '19 at 9:23

Try *.kalisto-decor.be instead. Googling I see your domain registrar may have you put just a * for the hostname and/or have a special button just for this. Seems your registrar may be Totaaldomein, I'd search their site for wild card, I didn't have luck likely because I am trying it in English & that doesn't seem to be the native language on this site

  • 2
    This is incorrect. The problem has nothing to do with wildcard DNS. – davidgo Dec 4 '19 at 17:34

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