screenshot of settings dialog showing slider titled "Download email for the past:

In Cached Exchange mode, Outlook will by default only synchronise mail from a configured time period. If there are items older than this Outlook displays this message at the bottom of the folder. It also doesn't include them in search results.

Label: There are more items in the folder on the server. Link: click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange

I've tried creating a "syncronization filter" (under properties on a folder), but this seems only to be able to further restrict sync.

syncronization filter dialog

Is there a way to set a folder to always download all items from the server into the OST file?

Gmail has this feature.

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    I'm afraid that there is no such way to set only one specific folder to download all items from the server into the OST file. All folders are set together. – Aidan Dec 6 '19 at 9:37

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