I'm trying to block/remove a specific stylesheet from a page. The context here is that this stylesheet is the stylesheet specific to a specific subreddit. The HTML looks like this (from the ublock origin subreddit):

<link rel="stylesheet" ref="applied_subreddit_stylesheet" title="applied_subreddit_stylesheet" type="text/css" jr9j7vt="" href="https://b.thumbs.redditmedia.com/x1EvRnEHlyWqignh2O2sB2jqVs7clKIcjooIGRfYMVY.css" >

This sounded like an application for procedural cosmetic filters, so I added this reddit-specific xpath filter:

reddit.com##:xpath(//link[@title = 'applied_subreddit_stylesheet'])

That doesn't work. The page still looks like this image, which indicates that the custom stylesheet is still loaded:

ublock origin subreddit with custom stylesheet

It should look like this image, which is after I delete the custom stylesheet through inspect element:

ublock origin subreddit without custom stylesheet

I'm using uBlock Origin v1.22.2 and Firefox ESR v68.2.0esr, both from the Debian 10 ("buster") repositories. Downloading Firefox and/or uBlock Origin from outside the repositories is not an option on this system.


Block stylesheets coming from the b.thumbs.redditmedia.com URL directly:

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