I am running the code,

set /p "filepath=Drag and drop your file >"
echo Your file name is : %filepath%

output i am getting

Your file name is : c:/users/philip/desktop/file.txt

When user drag and drop there file in command prompt and press enter it shows full file path as output..

expected output

Your file name is : file.txt

But, what i am expecting is, only the file name with extention..like shown above as output.

Note : File path and File name may varies..


You can use this:

set /p "filepath=Drag and drop your file >" 
for %%a in ("%filepath%") do echo Your file name is: %%~nxa
pause >nul

Here n and x are the modifiers of the for meta variables. To learn more about them, open cmd and type for /? and look at the end.

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