I am trying to make my MacBook in Windows behave similar to macOS: so I can switch between apps using Win+Tab (i.e., replicate the Alt+Tab action), but have all the Ctrl+... actions (like, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Z, etc) be accessible using the Win key (Win+C, Win+V, Win+Z).

In other words, I am trying to :

Remap Win key to Ctrl in all key combinations, but also Have the Win+Tab act exactly as Alt+Tab (and I don't care if Ctrl+Tab stops working as Ctrl+Tab, because I am not using that key combination at all). I am able to separately individually achieve 1. using LWin::Ctrl, and 2. using LWin & Tab::AltTab, but I cannot make them work together. Whenever I have something like

LWin & Tab::AltTab


Ctrl & Tab::AltTab

it just stops working.

Any help is appreciated. I am using Windows 10.

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