What the title says. Is this possible?

I have a situation where files can't be older than 30 days on the backend server. To minimize daily backup disk usage, I want to do incremental backups as much as possible. Now I have to do full backups with regular intervals and add extra complexity in my backup scripts while having a significant disk usage overhead.

Ideal would be if I could convert the 29 days old daily backup to a full backup if it is incremental.

The Duplicity documentation does not indicate that this is possible. But I'm a bad reader. Maybe this should be a bug report/feature request instead.

  • It is possible to achieve something very close to what is asked for by using a combination of the two following commands: duplicity remove-older-than and duplicity incremental --full-if-older-than. It's not technically an answer to the question though. – 610blixten Dec 13 '19 at 16:04

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