How do I get a APK file that is the android app of Square POS to open and work properly on a Windows 7 PC?

Any suggestions would be great.

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    Please provide more information about what APK you are trying to get working on Windows 7 and what functionality you expect from it. It may not be possible. If it is possible, you would need to run a virtual machine for Android... – Romen Dec 12 '19 at 16:41
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    superuser.com/tags/bluestacks/info – karel Dec 12 '19 at 16:46
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    You will need an Android emulator. However, whether that will help will depend on the app and what you want to do. For example, even with an emulator you will probably not be able to use the barcode scanning feature. – sleske Dec 12 '19 at 16:47
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    Bluestacks is a very popular Android emulator, but an emulator will not allow you to connect peripherals (USB or bluetooth) to any apps running in them.* A virtual machine can use devices connected to the host computer, so it may be necessary if you need to connect the app to Square's peripheral devices. VirtualBox, HyperV, VMWare are all equally useful for this purpose. (* -- Can anyone recommend an emulator that does connect to devices on the host?) – Romen Dec 12 '19 at 16:52
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    I think you're misunderstanding me: Do you need to use any of Square's peripheral devices with the APK? (If the answer is no, you do not need a virtual machine. My original comment forgot to mention emulators, which are useful if you only need the software to work.) – Romen Dec 12 '19 at 16:59

Bluestacks is an emulator for Android that allows you to run Android apps (APK files) on Windows.

That should be all you need if you only require the app itself, and no connectivity to Square's peripheral devices.

In regards to whether it is safe,
A moderator of Reddit's /r/bluestacks subreddit has asserted that the software comes with signed certificates and does not include any other bundled software. You can trust the software as much as you trust the company Bluestack Systems Inc. itself.
That comment does also highlight that there are risks that may come from running some Android apps due to those apps containing malicious code; This is not something that Bluestacks can control and the user must be responsible about what software they run within Bluestacks. (If you were using an actual Android device the same risks would apply.)

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