I'm trying to access my OS X (Snow Leopard) machine from my Windows 7 machine. Both machines are within my local network I don't need outside access. I'm using Vine Server (OSXvnc) for OS X and TightVNC Viewer for Windows, but TightVNC keeps telling me that the host is unreachable.

Any idea what could be wrong? how could I troubleshoot this kind of issue?

Appreciate your help.

  • Did you check your firewalls? – zildjohn01 Jun 10 '10 at 12:17
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    Just solved the issue. For some reason Windows won't connect to my OSX vnc server unless I set a password. – KeyStroke Jun 10 '10 at 14:13

Why don't you just use the built in VNC in OSX? I believe (not having a mac in front of me) that you go to System Preferences>Sharing>>Internet and Network and turn on VNC. Give it a password. When doing this, I have never had an issue connecting to a OSX box.

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  • I did that and even turned off the OSX firefwall, still get "connection timed out" message from my windows machine. – KeyStroke Jun 10 '10 at 13:55

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