I installed classic shell a few days ago and uninstalled it. Now a leftover problem is that the task switcher (alt + tab) only shows app icons (probably XP style?). I tried to find out how to switch back to default look but couldn't find where to configure it anywhere. Where can I configure this?

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  • It may be easiest to simply drop back to an older snapshot of the operating system by utilizing a System Restore of Windows 10 just prior to when you installed the classic shell application. – Run5k Dec 15 '19 at 22:17
  • Unfortunately I don't have that enabled. Hopefully someone knows a fix to this. – SparedWhisle Dec 15 '19 at 22:37
  • Really? That is unfortunate. Unless your hard drive is extremely low on free disk space, it is a "best practice" to have that enabled and configured. There isn't another compelling reason to not utilize it. – Run5k Dec 15 '19 at 22:40
  • yes, I disable it on purpose since I only have a 128GB SSD. – SparedWhisle Dec 15 '19 at 22:46
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    Honestly, in your situation I would still have it configured so that I had at least one System Restore point readily available. I can almost guarantee you that this won't be the last time you encounter an issue that could have been solved very easily if it wasn't disabled. – Run5k Dec 15 '19 at 22:49

There is a method using the Registry Editor that can do this. I do not recommend registry editing but it appears that it can be done.

Here are the main steps you may need for this operation:

How to enable old 'Alt + Tab' shortcut using Registry

To enable the legacy Alt + Tab shortcut style on Windows 10, use these steps:

Warning: This is a friendly reminder that editing the Registry is risky, and it can cause irreversible damage to your installation if you don't do it correctly. We recommend making a full backup of your PC before proceeding.

  1. Open Start.

  2. Search for regedit and click the top result to open the Registry.

  3. Browse the following path:


Quick tip: On Windows 10, you can now copy and paste the path in the Registry's address bar to quickly jump to the key destination.

  1. Right-click the Explorer (folder) key, select New, and click on DWORD (32-bit) Value.

  2. Name the key AltTabSettings and press Enter.

  3. Double-click the newly created DWORD and set the value from 0 to 1.

  4. Click the OK button.

  5. Restart your computer.

Once you complete these steps, you can use the Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut to switch between running applications using the legacy interface.

If you want the modern task switcher back, you can always revert the changes by using the same instructions, but on step No. 8, change the DWORD value from 1 to 0, or delete the AltTabSettings key, and restart your computer.

(Source: How to bring back the old 'Alt + Tab' experience on Windows 10)

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  • actually I just found the same page a minute ago. Tried the registry fix in there, and it totally worked. thanks. – SparedWhisle Dec 15 '19 at 22:47

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