i have to create a videowall, from 3 to 9 monitor. every monitor as a pc.

actually, i stream from a server 9 movies with different istances of VLC, but i could also play on every machine the relative video with a single player. there's no problem.

the real problem is that i really dont know how to sync the videos on a LAN...unfortunately there is a NETSYNC module inside VLC wich is NOT working.

here are some info about my setup: videowall from 3 to 9 monitor || from 3 to 9 pc, all with the same configuration || a gigabit router+switch for the "dedicated" LAN

im really stuck in this situation, if anyone has an idea or just a completely different solution, please, share it with me!

thanks a lot in advance! :)

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1) Try using the latest RC (just use the zip version so you don't have to install it.)
2) If that is a no go, try the latest nightly.
3) If that fails, report it as a bug. You'll get some help, feedback, or a fixed version there soon hopefully.

  • unfortunately the netsync module NEVER worked in vlc :( – Luke Jun 28 '10 at 8:22
  • Did you report it? – Shiki Jun 28 '10 at 10:50

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