I am trying to disable Windows 10 start menu search web results on Windows 10 professional v2004 slow ring preview release build 19033.1.

Here is a list of things that do not work for me:


I've googled how to get rid of windows 10 search web results and tried the suggested registry editor hacks on:|


  • Setting CortanaConsent and BingSearchEnabled to DWORD32 value 0 but they are not working.


  • I've even tried to rewrite all bing.com endpoints in windows (WTF most of them are HTTP, not HTTPS! Anyone can sniff those searchs on an unsecured WiFi network!) but they are restored on windows restart.


  • I've tried to restrict edge in every way I could and removing it from default apps but the bastard keeps popping up every time I make a typo while trying to search/run something on my local system.


  • I've disabled windows firewall rules allowing outbound and inbound connections for Edge and Cortana. Still no effect.

Are there any other more current hacks that would work on this release?

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    Try not to modify any registry key, that may make start menu unusable. Try to block the executable in Windows Firewall.
    – Biswapriyo
    Dec 17, 2019 at 17:34
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    This question is tagged as being applicable to 1903 but 19033.1 is an Insider Preview build for 2004. Are you using Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Professional?
    – Ramhound
    Dec 17, 2019 at 17:48
  • sorry I meant 19033.1, the insider preview build of 2004. Heck, winver is confusing ^^'
    – NotGaeL
    Dec 18, 2019 at 10:01
  • @Biswapro I have deactivated every firewall rulle allowing edge or cortana without any effect. Which rules should I add/remove to prevent windows search queries from going through?
    – NotGaeL
    Dec 18, 2019 at 10:35
  • @Ramhond, I am using Windows 10 Professional
    – NotGaeL
    Dec 20, 2019 at 8:33

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If you want to completely do away with Bing search in Start and get rid of the See web results entry and the entries under Search the web, you can accomplish this even in 2004 (and possibly newer versions) by User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/File Explorer/Turn off display of recent search entries in the File Explorer search box group policy or setting DisableSearchBoxSuggestions DWORD32 value in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer to 1.

Ignore the name of the policy / registry entry and actually try it - you have to logout (or restart) afterwards to see the effect.

There are some side effects - the recent entries will be gone (also from File Explorer search), but if you want to have completely Bing-less Start menu search, this is the only way I know of in 2004.

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    Ignore the name of the group policy / registry value and actually try it. There are some side effects (recent entries, also in File Explorer search, will be gone), but of course search for local stuff will still work. In Start, See web results entry and web search results under Search the web will disappear, the rest will still be shown. I'm currently running 19041.113 and have no Bing search results anywhere with that group policy applied.
    – Jan Klos
    Mar 8, 2020 at 22:46
  • I tried the registry edit on 19041 but it didn't work. I still see the "See web results" if I write nonsense in the start menu.
    – cmeeren
    Aug 2, 2020 at 20:22
  • Still works on 19041.487 (for the given user)...
    – Jan Klos
    Sep 2, 2020 at 19:25
  • Still works on Windows 2004 build 19041.450
    – Falco
    Sep 10, 2020 at 9:38
  • Still works on Windows 20H2 build 19042.572
    – genpfault
    Oct 22, 2020 at 2:16

So far, I only found one single way to block the search from happening, not disable it. I tested all the ways to disable the search that worked with non-final 2004 version, but seems MS disabled those too. The following blog post has a script that will create 2 firewall rules, for inbound and outbound connections, and it blocked the search in the Start Menu. Although you still see the search animation going on, it will be there for ~1s and then display the following message: Preview isn't available right now..



Actually I found a group policy that does exactly what is asked here: Disable web search in start menu search. It is located in

User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Start Menu and Taskbar/Do not search Internet

After logging in again it is completely gone.


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