I currently have windows 10 pro N. I want to install the normal windows 10 version. To do this I tried running https://www.microsoft.com/nl-nl/software-download/windows10 the installs medium for windows 10 but it automatically install windows 10N version. Im willing to reinstall my whole os but I do not have a cd/usb at the moment. Is it possible to go from windows 10 n to windows 10?


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You can use the dism tool to query the ISO for version indices and then install the one you want. I have done this in the past directly to a newly partitioned secondary HDD (the drive then gets deployed to a new machine) via a mounted ISO, but it can also be done during a normal clean install (I think shift+f10).

There are a number of steps, but the essential commands:

diskpart to list vol(make a note of the proper disk) exit

dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:D:\Sources\install.wim (replace D: with proper letter for the ISO location. .wim may need to be .esd)

This enumerates the possible indices of verisons. Note the one you have the proper key for.

dism /Apply-Image /ImageFile:D:\Sources\install.wim /index:1 /ApplyDir:G:\ (again, check the D: and G: locations to ensure they are the correct ISO and destination partitions and update the index identifier)

G:\Windows\System32\bcdboot G:\Windows to make the partition bootable.

I would strongly suggest you use these commands as a stepping stone for doing a google search for a tutorial such as: https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/84331-apply-windows-image-using-dism-instead-clean-install.html

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