I am running command,

Find /C /I "pass" "log.txt" > output.txt

output am getting,

---------- LOG.TXT: 2

Getting this output because, there is two time the word "pass" comes in log.txt file.

expected output,


I don't wanna the file name to be included in output file. I need only the count. I remember something called /NoLogo command that works But, donno the exact command or where to use it. Kindly help me.

  • Did you get a chance to look over the answer I provided below. Circling back around to see about closing the loop if nothing else and this as an FYI.... i.imgur.com/OZho1tT.png – Pimp Juice IT Mar 24 at 23:34

Two ways to omit the file name within the output of the find command when getting a count for line matches without needing to loop and using delims and such is to. . .

1. By redirecting the file over to the find command to have its lines searched using that method of command redirection e.g. command < filename

  Find /C /I "pass" < output.txt

2. Use the type command against the file and then pipe that over to the find command to use that method of command redirection.

 type output.txt | Find /C /I "pass"

Example Output (two matching lines)


Supporting Resources

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  • I believe these two methods do the exact same thing essentially. Maybe there are some batch experts that know otherwise though. – Pimp Juice IT Dec 27 '19 at 2:25

Could be someting like this:

@echo off
for /f "tokens=2 Delims=:" %%a in ('Find /C /I "pass" "log.txt"') do for /f %%b in ("%%a") do echo %%b>output.txt
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