Hello I have written a script and I want to schedule it to run at a certain time with the at command. I also want to use an argument in order to pass the time I want in the script so it can be executed at a specific time. The script's name is displaydir and it has the following arguments:

./displaydir dir1 09:00 AM

The script:

at $2 $3
ll $1
cp ./$1/ ./dir2
exit 0

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From the command line and the script I gather that your want your directory listing to happen at nine AM. This can happen with the following command:

at 9am -f displaydir

with the following script (displaydir):

ll dir1
cp ./dir1/ ./dir2
exit 0
  • Thank you for answering! Is there anyway to make the command line look like this: ./displaydir dir1 09:00 AM Because the hour and the directory have to be arguments
    – user25
    Dec 27, 2019 at 15:19

I have updated your script as follows;

at ${2} <<ENDOFFILE
ls -l $1
cp $1/* $3/
exit 0

Run the script at below;

./displaydir dir1 "09:00 AM" dir2

I have added "*" in the copy command and also taking destination at an argument to the script, you can add -r to cp command if you want to recursively copy everything in that directory

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