I'm trying to install Windows Subsystem for Linux but I can't find it in my control panel. I tried to search on this Super User site and some more sites they said that I need to enable the Developer Mode. I enabled it but still I can't find that feature. I tried to use the PowerShell method. But when I executed then command it failed:

enter image description here

Anyone can help me? This is the info of the Windows I'm using:

enter image description here


I see your specs, you are however, using Windows 10 32-bit on 64-bit processor.

Check configuration - For the features of Linux to run on a given system, it requires a 64-bit version of Windows 10.

I don't think this is possible with 32-bit Windows.

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    Yes, it's correct. WSL is not available in 32bit Windows 10. Here is the official link. – Biswapriyo Dec 31 '19 at 11:01

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