My wine met some problems while executing Windows executable file:

$ wine GECacheBldr.exe
zsh: bad CPU type in executable: wine

How to fix this?

PS: My wine is installed using HomeBrew:

$ brew cask install wine-stable


Cannot execute winecfg either:

$ winecfg
/usr/local/bin/winecfg: line 46: /usr/local/bin/wine: Bad CPU type in executable
/usr/local/bin/winecfg: line 46: /usr/local/bin/wine: Undefined error: 0


file `which wine`

If it says something in the lines of Mach-O executable i386: Apple dropped support for 32bit executables with Catalina 10.15.

You might want to try wine64 instead of wine.

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  • How to run a 32-bit Windows executable file? Or I can never use them? – ycao Feb 6 at 12:06
  • Alas, not with wine on Catalina 10.15 any more. You could use a virtual machine (like VirtualBox - it's free), but then you would need a Windows license, and have to install Windows inside the VM. – jvb Feb 6 at 12:42
  • I don't think this accepted solution actually solves the problem. – Dr_Zaszuś Apr 3 at 18:47
  • @Dr_Zaszuś there is no solution insofar one cannot use 32bit software on MacOS Catalina. Either use 64bit wine or downgrade MacOS, or try a different approach (like VirtualBox), see above. – jvb Apr 3 at 19:31

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