I've been trying to make Firefox use Wingdings as the default font for all text on macOS (please do not ask why). Following this guide, I went to the Fonts & Colors section and changed all the fonts to Wingdings. However, Firefox does not seem to like this, and instead uses some Arial-like font for all pages.

Doing the exact same thing, but using another font, such as Comic Sans, does work however.

Why does Comic Sans work as a global font, but not Wingdings? And how can I force Firefox to use Wingdings?

Further experimenting, it seems like some Wingdings-like fonts do not work, like Webdings or Wingdings 2 and 3. Most other fonts seem to work.


You say "don't ask" ...but setting a font with only 100 or so specific glyphs in it to be default would mean only those 100 glyphs would ever show.

They wouldn't automagically replace 'real' letters… instead when any non-wingdings glyph was called, the system would have to try find something to replace that non-existant glyph with, or else all you'd see would be ⌷⌷⌷⌷⌷ ⌷⌷⌷ ⌷⌷⌷⌷ ⌷⌷⌷⌷⌷⌷. It would seem your system has rather sensibly chosen Arial, a fairly comprehensive font set, rather than than a screen-full of boxes.

Using Comic Sans will give you closer to what you asked, for regular 'letters' [whatever you think of Comic Sans, I shan't comment;) because it also contains at least the regular glyph set of standard letters.

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  • But a lot of characters replaced by Arial are bound to glyphs in Wingdings. Like C, for example, is a thumbs-up glyph, but it still shows up in Arial. Shouldn't it show the Wingding-glyph? – Loovjo Jan 2 at 20:02

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