What I want is to create a single EFS cert for use on multiple computers to encrypt/decrypt files.

I have two computers, PC1 and PC2, and when I try to copy PC1's encrypted files to PC2, these files can't be opened on PC2.

I've exported the certificate from PC1 [user1-cert], importing it on PC2, and I'm now able to open encrypted files from PC1 on PC2, but when I try to encrypt any other file on PC2, they are not encrypted with user1-cert; instead, Windows is creating a new certificate on PC2 [user2-cert].

I've tried deleting user2-cert, but when I try to encrypt any new file on PC2, Windows is creating a new certificate and encrypting the file with it, preventing decryption on PC1.

  • Have you checked Microsoft Docs or google (this result for example)? – JW0914 Jan 4 at 16:16
  • Do you use the same username ob both computers? I remember that the username is embedded into the EFS certificate. Also check this question: superuser.com/q/957541/62676 – Robert Jan 4 at 17:10

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