I am trying to use the actions that are pre-built for automator in Mac OS X (Mojave, for me), but modify them slightly. For example, the "rotate images" action - I would like to have the option of rotating images just a few degrees instead of just 90 / 180 degrees (I'm using a few of the image actions to increase the size of my image pool for Machine Learning training).

Is there a way to edit these? Or find the scripts that generate them so I can write my own apple script actions? I located the actions in the System/Library/Automator folder, but all I can find that looks like a script is a Unix Executable in the MacOS folder of each action that is not editable.

  • The first thing that comes to mind is the SLA expressly prohibits modifying non-open source portions of the OS. The next thing is, less than 30 of the built in actions have non-binary code that comprises the working code of the action and Rotate Images.action is not one of them, its main file is a compiled binary, so how are you going to modify it? Why not just use a Run Shell Script action or a Run AppleScript action with ImageMagick to manipulate the image file? – user3439894 Jan 7 at 1:32

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