Unquestionably it's too unproductive to change the formula for C2-C4 singly. Please don't ask me to un-merge A1-A4.

enter image description here


As per my understanding you need to multiply the content of Cell A1 (5) with the content of the Cells B1 to B4. Am I right? if yes this is the solution, please use absolute address of Cell A1 ($A$1) in Cell C2 and drag the formula down. Please follow below step:

  1. Select Cell C1
  2. Type =
  3. Click the Cell A1
  4. Press F4 (Function Key) it will make the cell address of A1 to its absolute address $A$1
  5. Press *
  6. Click the Cell B1
  7. Press Enter key
  8. Drag the Formula Down

enter image description here

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