I have downloaded a .iso from official kali web. Then used Startup Disk Creator, and reboot. I have enter kali installation process up to point where, partitioning disks. It suggested me to reboot, so I did. But then after entering boot menu, I have not seen usb bootloader (with kali) anymore. (So only windows manager). Can some please suggests, how to make boot menu to see my usb? Or do I have to use disk creator every time? Is there a command for it? Also, is the solution as 'only' rebooting for informing kernel about missing partitions, or will then another error arise?

  • Kali is absolutely not for beginners. Start on a more complete unix, switch to kali when you already know what you're doing. Compulsory kali link - Why is Kali Linux so hard to set up? Why won't people help me? – DavidPostill Jan 8 at 19:08
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    @DavidPostill, I don't remeber I asked you whether I should use kali or not. It is my decision. I only asked how to install it, not why to install it. So please answer to question and not to be off topic. – Herdsman Jan 8 at 19:11
  • Clearly you haven't read the answers in the link I posted. Please read that before you start complaining. – DavidPostill Jan 8 at 19:12
  • "Kali Linux is a distribution for professional penetration testers who are already very familiar with Linux. It is meant to be used from a USB dongle for penetration testing. It can be installed, but it is not really meant to be. It is not meant for general use (even by professional penetration testers) such as Internet browsing, word processing, gaming, development, etc." – DavidPostill Jan 8 at 19:13
  • "if you're a new user, getting used to Linux, people discourage you because it's the wrong choice, and do not wish to help you load your gun and shoot yourself in the foot." – DavidPostill Jan 8 at 19:15

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