I have set up a new account with IMAP protocol, and configured archiving this way:

Account settings -> myaccount@new.server
                 -> Copies & Folders
                 -> Messages Archives
                 [x] Keep messages archives in
                     [x] "Archives" folder on: -> Local Folders

(I have also tried

                 [x] Keep messages archives in
                     [x] Other: -> "Archives" on Local Folders


But it does not work. When I..

  • pick an e-mail in myaccount@new.server/Inbox folder
  • right click -> archive

I expect that:

  • the e-mail is moved to Local Folders/Archives/2020/2020-01
  • the e-mail is no longer in myaccount@new.server/Inbox

But instead:

  • new (unwanted) folders myaccount@new.server/Archives/2020/2020-01 are created (both locally and distantly)
  • the e-mail is moved to these new folders instead (both locally and distantly)
  • the e-mail is not even locally copied in Local Folders/Archives

The problem persists after I compact folders and restart Thunderbird.

What could be wrong?
How to fix this behaviour?
Is the problem rather related to Thunderbird or to new.server IMAP configuration?
How to investigate?

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Okay, got it. Just make sure that you also do the same parametrization for every identity associated to your account@new.server:

Account settings -> myaccount@new.server
                 -> Manage Identities...
                 -> <pick one, and repeat for each>
                     -> Edit...
                     -> Copies & Folders
                     -> Messages archives
                     [x] Keep messages archives in
                         [x] "Archives" folder on: -> Local Folders

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