I have two different email addresses for my work email; one which is .co.uk and the other .com. Is there some way to tell looking at messages in my inbox which address an email was sent to?

I can't tell the version I'm using, but since it is with Office 365, I'm assuming it gets auto-update to the latest version.


Yes, you need to look at the Internet headers to see that type of information.

Open the email in a stand-alone reading pane and then go to file > properties > internet headers to find the information you need.

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  • Also, open the email, and hover over the To name (to you) and the Contact pop-up will open. Pull down the arrow and you can see the address of the sender – John Jan 9 at 11:29
  • I don't need to see the address of the sender, I need to see which of my addresses the email was sent to. – Matthew Dresser Jan 9 at 12:05

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