On Manjaro Linux (kernel 5.5) I created a script for overclocking my GPU, and a systemd service to start it at boot:


echo 'manual' > power_dpm_force_performance_level
echo 's 1 1925' > pp_od_clk_voltage
echo 'm 1 900' > pp_od_clk_voltage
echo 'vc 0 800 750' > pp_od_clk_voltage
echo 'vc 1 1363 918' > pp_od_clk_voltage
echo 'vc 2 1925 1085' > pp_od_clk_voltage
echo 'c' > pp_od_clk_voltage


Description=Tweaks GPU core and memory clocks



When enabled, the service fails but only at startup with a PERMISSION DENIED on each echo script line. If I REBOOT system, everything works flawlessly. Chmod is 755 for script, 644 for service unit. Deleting WorkingDirectory and putting the absolute path in the script changes nothing.

How can I make this thing work?

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As I found here the problem is resolved adding After=multi-user.target to Unit section and changing WantedBy=multi-user.target into WantedBy=graphical.target in the Install section.

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