I would like to change the title of power options in start menu.

I did try some experiments with some .dll.mui files (ShutdownUX.dll.mui and powrprof.dll.mui for instance) and registry keys but I couldn’t even the odds.

Does anybody know exact way on non-US localized Windows?


The easiest and most flexible way to do so is with a third-party tool, such as Open Shell Menu or the older Classic Start Menu, which still works in Windows 10 v. 1809. Using a third-party tool also averts Windows Update from replacing your carefully-modified Windows files.

To give you some idea of its flexibility, see all the choices I've enabled, below. The text and icons of the menu items can be configured as you would.


Shutdown options

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  • +1 for pointing out the classic shell replacement which I wasn't aware of :) – DavidPostill Jan 10 at 21:18

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