i'm running windows 10 pro (1909) on a domain-joined machine.

when i do a RDP session (mstsc.exe) into that machine and trying to launch a certain program i'm getting the error:

LoadLibrary failed with error 87

enter image description here

however, when i log on locally there is no such problem with launching that program!

any ideas?

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after some searching on the web it turned out to be a problem with the driver of my specific graphics card by AMD / ATI.

in my case it's an AMD FirePro W2100 (FireGL V).

i have followed the suggestions on the web to simply rename:




this made the error disappear!
i just hope that this approach does not cause any other problems... ?


the surprising part is the following:
this was a fresh / clean install of windows 10 pro (1909). with no custom vendor drivers whatsoever. in my case that graphics card came with a DELL Precision Tower 5810.
the graphics card driver is by microsoft (WHQL) - automatically installed by windows!
driver version 15.200.1045.0 - built in june 2015.


side note:
i was facing this problem (on RDP session) with one specific program, only.
it was P4V.exe (perforce windows client).
not sure why other programs would not show such symptoms ...


recently i have installed an updated driver from the AMD web site (july 2021).
problem is gone :)

  • Thank you so much, i had the same problem (with Qt Creator) and a "Dell" AMD FirePro 2270. Last possible driver ist from 2017 - but your renaming solution worked...
    – Offler
    Jul 12, 2023 at 6:57

Simply disabled my Intel HD Graphics device via device manager on the remote computer, and restarted the application (NOT the remote computer).
Not sure why this issue happens......


I had the same error when opening Rstudio on remote desktop. I also tried the trick suggested by Opmet but it did not work for me. Seeing that the problem was related with the driver I simply updated them and this solved the problem in my case.

To do this, from the start menu you can open the Device Manager > Display Adapters > right-click > Update driver.

If already updated; Disable device and then Enable device again also solved the problem


I also found these forums that propose other solutions that might be helpful:
8 Ways to Fix Load­li­brary Failed with Error 87 in Win­dows 10
How to fix loadlibrary failed with error 87


On the RDP client side, you can manually opt for less demanding graphics parameters, like 24- or 16-bit colors, force "LAN" in the Experience tab, and uncheck the bitmap caching.

It'll be less satisfying from a visual point of view, but you should not have issues with graphical libraries not loading, because they won't sollicited in the first place.

  • Excuse me, but he will still have the problem with programs which use OpenGL....
    – Offler
    Jul 12, 2023 at 7:19

I have this problem when I open p4v sometimes.

Solution: Open Device Manager.

Right click and select Disable Device.

enter image description here

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