On a hard drive I have two subvolumes: A and B. I wanted to delete A but actually typed:

btrfs sub del B

I immediately unmounted the partition. Can I undo deleting a subvolume and put the drive into a state where I have again A and B?

Edit: I tried to btrfs restore with no luck:

btrfs restore -D -sv --path-regex "^(|/B(|/subdir(|/.*)))$" /dev/sdb1 /mnt/stuff

The above line is not able to produce any files that were in B. It works flawless for A but not B.

Running it without the regex part does not help:

btrfs restore -D -sv /dev/sdb1 /mnt/backup/ > out

And then inspect (grep) it for files that were in B does not result in any success. Seams like btrfs restore in not checking for deleted subvolumes.

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