Ripping sound from .avi video file to .mp3? (on Windows)

What software (free) can do the task ?


I've used Avidemux and find it intuitive. It's free, cross platform.



MediaCoder should work. And, yes, it is free and works on Windows.

It clearly lists this as one of its applications,

Extracting audio track from video files

If you AVI happens to have some other audio, it will also convert it to MP3 for you.


I've used This Audio Converter with success in the past. here's a tutorial AVI to MP3

Main page is here:


Not free, unfortunately, but very powerful. An alternative, free solution can be found here: How to convert the audio in a video to WAV (or MP3)


If you don't mind using command line, have a try at ffmpeg with libmp3lame enabled. The command should be:

ffmpeg -i inputvideo.avi -vn -acodec mp3 outputaudio.mp3

You can use the free version of Goldwave, version 4 (probably 4.26 something) "We don't need no stinking tutorials ..." ;) Because it's just loading the avi, and saving as MP3. By default, it's set at 128kbps, but you can change that.

It's exactly like saving a doc file as text.

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