My PC turns on almost every night when I set it in hibernate mode. I read that this is probably because the network card has a setting that allows this. So I went to the settings, disabled "this device can get the PC from the sleepmode" (where I understand that sleepmode alsco counts for hibernate mode) but it didn't work.

So I checked the settings again, and my changes were gone. Weird? Pressed cancel maybe?

So I saved again, and checked: gone. Basicly what happens is that my settings are not saved.

I'm on win10 pro and are an admin user.

This is the settings screen: enter image description here

the first setting is 'pc can get pc from sleepmode, second is pc can turn off device to save power, sub item from the second is only magic packet can get pc from sleepmode.

  • USB mouse and keyboard wake up PC unintentionally more often you can check those first. You can also try to turn off every wake up event in BIOS which doesn't work for me though. You can also ask a question about how to find out the wake up source. – jw_ Jan 15 at 11:53

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