Is it possible to run powershell.exe with startup parameters? Specifically I am looking to create a Windows Terminal profile which will launch a Windows Powershell session as a different user (my admin account). Here is a portion of my profile. Ideally, I am looking to modify the commandline argument but I am open to alternative workarounds.



Partial answer I know, but with respect to the specific requirement:

launch a Windows Powershell session as a different user

You can achieve this with

Start-Process powershell.exe -Credential “domain\username” -NoNewWindow -ArgumentList “Start-Process powershell.exe -Verb runAs”

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  • YES YES.. but if you want to spawn as a specific user, I think you need "RunAsUser" instead of RunAs. I also found some neat tricks I didn't know under this post. – Señor CMasMas Jan 17 at 15:56
  • Not quite. I cannot use Start-Process from within my profile. This link is similar to how I would call it from a profile. – Jake Geers Jan 20 at 13:17

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