I downloaded both the Java runtime environment and the JPortable launcher from PortableApps.com in order to run Java and edit projects by launching the IDE from my USB key without the need of installation on my local machine.

I put both into a subfolder of my USB key --> F:\PortableApps\CommonFiles\Java

Once I had both the Java runtime environment and the launcher installed in the same place, I run the launcher but the following alert appeared:

error message

The mentioned URL (https://portableapps.com/go/jPortable) is different from the one I downloaded the .paf archive from and is no more available but the file is still the same (see the previous link above).

I reinstalled both and tried to change the directory (I moved the launcher inside/outside the subfolder of the JPortable / Java runtime environment) but nothing changed.

How am I supposed to install JPortable and the launcher in order to run JAVA and edit projects from an external USB drive?

  • hello, please did you solve this? same issue here Sep 12, 2020 at 20:24

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I dont know if it will work for you but it worked for me so here it goes.

When installing the Jportable & Jportable Launcher you have to have them in a specific directory structure so for example mine is:

Jportable C:\Users\*YourUsernameHere*\Desktop\JavaPortable\CommonFiles\Java

Jportable Launcher C:\Users\*YourUsernameHere*\Desktop\JavaPortable\JavaPortableLauncher

This means that when i installed Jportable & Jportable Launcher with the .paf installers i set the installing directory to be the folder "JavaPortable" (Look at screenshots below for how it should look)

Folder Structure Example

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