Is there a way by which I can read RSS feeds from the terminal itself ? Something that would display the titles and a link to follow. Or maybe a software which works from within the terminal.


A quick look at Synaptic shows a few candidates in the repositories:

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    Newsbeuter seems not user-friendly to config the first time. I get a better impression with canto. – Jaime M. Sep 7 '17 at 10:35

I love Newsbeuter. It's in most package repositories, has great documentation and it fits your needs. Zed Shaw calls it "the mutt of feed readers"

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Check out the TermFeed it just came out :-) all you need to do is:

$ pip install TermFeed

Then enjoy reading

$ feed or $ feed <URL>

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  • i like it, but it seems not maintained. – qrtLs Aug 19 '19 at 17:03

You might also want to check out Snownews. Another alternative is Raggle (has its own .org site which seems pretty unmaintained, but works fine). Olive on my Ubuntu 10.04 required 10.3MB of dependencies!

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