I'm being driven to insanity by the "Get Help" button just underneath the "X" for "Close Window" in the right corner of every File Explorer window, designed to cause Bing search queries to be made without the user's consent.

Is there any way to remove this with AutoHotKey? I want it to do nothing when I inevitably click it by accident, if it cannot be removed altogether.

No, I can't "train myself" to close every single File Explorer window by different means after being trained for 30 years to close windows by moving the mouse cursor quickly to the top-right corner and click the X.

I've gone through every single non-payware "File Explorer replacement" and they are all way too bloated/sketchy. I don't need any features that aren't in File Explorer. The only problem I have with it is that button. I've spent countless hours of my life on this issue alone and it's insane how I have paid so much money for this OS yet been treated like this at every step of the way...

Is there really no way? How can all of you just put up with this? How doesn't it make you crazy to have to constantly make a conscious effort to avoid that button as to not click it by accident? It gives me real stress and anxiety.

But I'm not paying money and sending a company my personal details to get Total Commander or one of the others, just to be able to use the most basic application of the OS!