Here is what I'd like to achieve in Chrome browser:

For a given website being creepy with 3rd party cookies, say borderlands.com for the sake of the example, I'd like to authorize specifically cookies from the [*]google.com domain for instance, but only for this website and not all other websites I may visit.

So far I know it is possible to authorize cookies from a given domain such as [*]google.com, however this will allow all websites I visit to read and writes cookies from [*]google.com. Sames goes for blocking a domain.

The motivation behind my question is that I may need some hand-picked websites to access 3rd party cookies for SSO purpose or enabling payment features for instance, but I'd like all other websites to not have the same privileges as I may not use them for SSO or payments to continue on my example.

In a nutshell, what I'm looking for is a cookie setting that would allow to set rules such as:

for the domain target.com allow/block cookies from domain thirdparty.com

Would anyone be aware of a feature or plugin on chrome that would allow me to do that? Would any other browsers actually support such a feature?

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