I have a script that get python version from clients. The command in bash is:

pythonVer=$(ssh $user@$ip "python --version")

But this command shows the python version on stdout (my terminal that connect to clients) but I cannot assign this value to a variable. Just one server allow this, so when I tried write this var to a file, I can see only one version in this file, other version numbers are in only my terminal.

What is this issue about "python" command? How can I assign client's pyhton version to my var named pythonVer?


It seems python outputs its version to stderr, not stdout. So, redirect stderr to stdout in order to capture it

pythonVer=$(ssh "$user"@"$ip" 'python --version 2>&1')


pythonVer=$(ssh "$user"@"$ip" 'python --version' 2>&1)

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