We manage a lot of workstations on CentOS 7.4 with different hardware configurations. They all share an automount map managed by FreeIPA.

On those workstations, we mount a cache disk on /path/to/cache/. In the automount map, so far, we've always used the sdb1 key for this mount point:

/path/to/cache -fstype=ext4 :/dev/sdb1

On some new workstations, we now have nvme disk for caching. So of course, the path is different /dev/nvme0n1.

We would like to handle those two cases. Is there a way to set this up in freeipa or more basically in a single autofs command?

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I would like to suggest to you to use partition labeling since ext4 filesystems can handle it :

1- Relabel all the partitions on the workstations with a common label :

e2label <partition_name> <partition_label>

2- Edit your autofs line :

/path/to/cache -fstype=ext4 :LABEL=<partition_label>

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