It's the AFP Install Manager that keeps opening up...

enter image description here

Long story short Adobe Flashplayer keeps opening pop-ups telling me I need to update it on my MacBook.

However, no matter how many times I follow the update steps, it continues to open and disrupt my workflow. It's starting to really get on my nerves haha

Is there a way to disable automatic updates? Or does anyone know why when I update, it still says I need to update?

Thanks, Cam.

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    The popup is malicious. Adobe Flash does not generate popups asking you to update. – Ramhound Feb 2 at 23:17

This is a virus/trojan known as Shlayer.
Most malware removal can find it these days - try Malwarebytes, or Intego from the above link.

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    Ahhh shite.. I best get fixing it then 😅 – Cam Feb 4 at 11:46

Those update popups are likely not from Adobe, but from a web site trying to install malware masquerading as a legitimate application.

However, if you do not need Adobe Flash, then remove it from your browser. Adobe has deprecated Flash, and with HTML5 in common use, it is rarely used any longer.

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  • Thanks, that is something that crossed my mind too. I think I only needed it for some old web applications I was using a while ago. I think I'll get rid of it to be safe. – Cam Feb 2 at 23:20
  • I've now included a screen capture in my question if you'd like to view it – Cam Feb 2 at 23:52
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    @Cam Getting rid of Adobe Flash won't get rid of whatever malware was actually installed; you need to scan & clean your Mac. – Gordon Davisson Feb 3 at 18:08
  • Yeah, I'm gonna try what @Tetsujin recommended ^^ – Cam Feb 4 at 11:48

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