I have seen a lot of variations of my situation but can't find one I'm comfortable with (very inexperienced). Basically I have a folder (E:\Downloads) that folders get added to and also contains a batch file (Extractor.bat). I would like to, once a week, delete all folders and files from within E:\Downloads but NEVER delete Extractor.bat. Thanks for any help on this! (The once a week part isn't necessary in the script, I know I can just set a windows task to run the bat file on specified days).

Windows 10

  • Two ideas: 1)Move/copy the batch file within the script itself, delete all files then move back move %~dp0 ..\ del *.* move ..\%~dp0 .\ 2)consider using Powershell which has an exclusion switch: Remove-Item -Path * -Exclude $PSCommandPath – gregg Feb 4 at 19:26

See the Set DEBUG=echo line?

Disable this line with REM or :: when you are sure that it is doing what you want it to do. This script is harmless while it exists.. not so much if you remove it.

The if /i not "%DownloadsDir%" == "%CD%" line comes from being stupid and blowing away all of my files in the wrong directory when I was younger and dumber.

Also.. you could change the cd /d to pushd and put a popd at the bottom if you are running this within cmd.exe and it messes up your current path.

@echo off
Set DEBUG=echo

Set DownloadsDir=E:\Downloads

cd /d %DownloadsDir%
if /i not "%DownloadsDir%" == "%CD%" echo Bad directory! && goto :EOF

for /F "delims=" %%d in ('dir /ad /b') do %DEBUG% rd /s /q "%%d"
for %%f in (*.*) do if /i not "%%f"=="Extractor.bat" %DEBUG% del /F /Q "%%f"

  • This worked to perfection, thank you very much!! – Mike Feb 4 at 19:21
  • Please feel free to mark this as the correct answer then ;) And you are very welcome. – Señor CMasMas Feb 4 at 22:46

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