I am looking for a solution for downloading videos embedded using JW Player Blobs in web pages.

I have seen some answers for twitter/vimeo/other blob situations but not seen an answer to JW Player blobs.

As an example of a webpage with an embedded JW Player blob we can use this page https://product.soundstrue.com/power-of-awareness/tara-brach-compassion/

in Firefox I play the video and rightclick to View Page Info. Click Media tab and I see this link to the video blob:https://product.soundstrue.com/d8980d59-b8eb-45c7-936e-1553bff0946f

I tried the previously posted suggestions but could not find a way to download the video.

Any solutions? thanks for your time and help regards Per Norrgren

  • Did you try youtube-dl? This may already help. – allo Feb 6 at 11:17
  • Have you tried Firefox add-ons? Open Tools in the menu and click add-ons. – vssher Feb 6 at 11:41
  • thanks. tried the youtube-dl and it gives error as it is not a direct link: youtube-dl product.soundstrue.com/d8980d59-b8eb-45c7-936e-1553bff0946f [generic] d8980d59-b8eb-45c7-936e-1553bff0946f: Requesting header WARNING: Could not send HEAD request to product.soundstrue.com/d8980d59-b8eb-45c7-936e-1553bff0946f: HTTP Error 404: Not Found [generic] d8980d59-b8eb-45c7-936e-1553bff0946f: Downloading webpage ERROR: Unable to download webpage: HTTP Error 404: Not Found (caused by HTTPError()); please report this issue on yt-dl.org/bug . Make sure you are us – pnorrgren Feb 7 at 12:12
  • re: "Have you tried Firefox add-ons? Open Tools in the menu and click add-ons" what addons are you thinking of that you have used for JW Blob downloads? all the best. Per Norrgren – pnorrgren Feb 7 at 12:15

Download JW Player Videos
Updated December 18, 2019

Using View Page Info In FireFox

Stream the video you want to download
Right click on the page
Select ‘View Page Info’

Firefox opens a dialogue box

Go to ‘Media’
Scroll down and find the video file in the list
Check the video format in ‘Type’ column
Select the file and click on ‘Save As’

Using this, the video should start the download to your local hard drive. How To Download JW player Videos

Also Google Chrome, and plug-ins for Firefox are listed there.

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  • Hi, thank you for the suggestion. – pnorrgren Feb 11 at 17:37
  • 1
    Thank you, that is correct and works when the media is a file. in this case the question relates to when the media is a blob as in the example I posted in the quesiton "blob:product.soundstrue.com/d8980d59-b8eb-45c7-936e-1553bff0946f" if you follow this link you get a page not found. yes, JW Player palys the blob fine in the embedded player on the page (see the other link in the question). Anyone seen or done this before, please? – pnorrgren Feb 11 at 17:41

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