I have a lot of one page pdf files. But the the only pdf reader I have installed (Foxit Reader) do not have a "Next file in folder" and "Previous file in folder" buttons.

Does exist such pdf reader, with buttons that I can push so that I can go to the next/previous pdf file inside current pdf file folder?

  • It's built-into macOS… but you didn't specify which OS. – Tetsujin Feb 6 at 18:53

This answer at Software Recommendations says that SumatraPDF has a keyboard shortcut for this.

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  • I found that Adobe Reader does not have such shortcut, but Adobe Acrobat does (Alt + Shift + Left Arrow = go to previous document and Alt + Shift + Right Arrow = go to next document). It seems that I will have to stick to Sumatra :) – strajano Feb 6 at 18:32

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