Keyboard inconsistent behavior upon wake from sleep using it


  • PC will not wake up using keyboard.
  • Keyboard flashes upon key press in sleep.
  • Keyboard starts lighting upon key press in sleep.
  • This occurs only if PC is in sleep for a longer time.


As far as I remember on my previous PC was quite common that PC did not wake up from sleep using keyboard key pressure. In that case mouse click worked perfectly all the time. I did not consider that such an issue that time.

Now I have new computer with new keyboard that has RGB lights. I observe the same behavior as on previous one – after long sleep, PC is unwakeable using keyboard. Keyboard is RGB and it performs some magic upon failed wake. I suppose I would have been observing the same magic on old PC if I have had RGB keyboard that time. Now this issue comes displeasant beyond reasonable limit.

Is there any solution? What should be cause of this?

More details

Keyboard and mouse are both USB cable device. On the other hand old PC keyboard and mouse are one wireless USB set. In both cases mouse works all the time while keyboard not.

Windows 10.

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    "This occurs only if PC is in sleep for a longer time." Turn off Hybrid Sleep (advanced power options) and the regular sleep will be consistent – John Feb 7 at 0:11
  • Hybrid Sleep is set to prevent state lost on power interruptions. I’ll consider this. Why is this caused by that? – Ucho Feb 7 at 10:06
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    Hybrid sleep is close to hibernation and that is why (I am fairly sure) once in deeper sleep, it does not wake up the simple way unsuspending works. Hybrid sleep is supposed to maintain all settings and operations and that should happen – John Feb 7 at 11:20
  • Ok. Let assume hybrid sleep is the reason. Why should this occur only when sleep last long? Let say from night until next day late afternoon. When waked up just after fell-asleep it works always. I do not want to lost hybrid sleep because it preserves state in case of power loss. Rather I would disable keyboard capability to wake up device. – Ucho Feb 7 at 21:31
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    If you wish to continue with Hybrid, and this is a desktop, the Power button will bring it out of sleep. Check advanced power options "what do the buttons do" but the power button can be set to do this. – John Feb 8 at 0:08

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