It's hard for me to understand why many laptops these days are designed to be awakened from sleep mode by any key on the keyboard. In the olden days, it wasn't exactly taxing to have to reach for the power button to wake up a laptop. By allowing the entire keyboard to trigger a wake-up, I get plenty of unwanted wake-ups.

To prevent this, I tried the following using my Administrator account.

(1) I tried the first 4-step process at https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/prevent-keyboard-from-waking-laptop/6fd4e751-f2c0-418b-82d9-f340bae14375. In the Device Manager, my keyboard is "Standard PS/2 Keyboard". When right-click the keyboard, however, I do not have have a Power Management option. Hence, I can't complete the process.

(2) I tried the process at https://www.top-password.com/blog/stop-mouse-keyboard-from-waking-computer-in-windows-10. In the Keyboard Properties window, under the General tab, there is supposed to be a "Change settings" button, but I don't have one. Without it, I cannot reveal the "Power Management" tab.

(3) The following site has a procedure similar to (2), but again, I have no Power Management tab, so I can't use the process: https://www.online-tech-tips.com/computer-tips/stop-mouse-from-waking-windows-up-from-sleep-mode

(4) Page Is there anyway to stop a Windows 10 laptop from waking up because of accidental keyboard interaction in a bag? mentions "wake on keyboard" but I don't have such a control

Option (1) also a 3-step process using "powercfg", while option (2) also has a process involving the BIOS. Before I attempted either one of those, I wanted to check and ensure that I don't do something terrible to my laptop. Specifically, I don't have a traditional power button. The power button looks and feels like just another key on the keyboard. If I succeed in disabling keyboard wake-up using "powercfg" or the BIOS, will my laptop remain asleep forever?


  • My laptop is a Acer TravelMate P2 P2410-G2-M NX.VGTAA.006

  • Following https://www.howtogeek.com/122954/how-to-prevent-your-computer-from-waking-up-accidentally, I got no information about the cause of the wake-up when it is done using the keyboard:

    $powercfg -lastwake
    Wake History Count - 1
    Wake History [0]
      Wake Source Count - 0
  • Also following the above link, the event viewer showed the cause of the wake-up was "unknown". I didn't follow the rest of the webpage because it proceeds to prevent input devices from waking the computer. My concern is that the button appears to be a key on the keyboard, so if I disable the keyboard's ability to wake the computer, I'll never be able to wake the computer. My only hope is if the power button isn't really considered a keyboard key, despite the fact that it looks and feels exactly like one.

  • Computers have always exited sleep mode when the keyboard or mouse was used. Sounds like you should be using Suspend mode instead. If you recall having to use the Power button to turn on your laptop, then you were using Suspend, not sleep mode. – Ramhound Feb 9 at 1:14
  • Close the lid to suspend and then the keyboard cannot be used to wake up the machine. Suspend by closing the lid and then open it to wake the machine. That has worked reliably for me for many years (different laptops of course) – John Feb 9 at 1:16
  • @Ramhound: The keyboard didn't wake up my previous laptops from sleep mode: Dell Insipiron, Toshiba Satellite, HP Elitebook, Toshiba Portege. There is no option to suspend, but if it means the same as hibernate, yes that's always an option. I prefer sleep due to its quicker wake-up and gentleness on the HDD. – user2153235 Feb 9 at 1:17
  • @John: Closing the lid is always a solution. Based on my past laptops, however, it causes the hinge to lose friction over the years, and the ability to maintain the screen's angle of inclination. I would prefer not having to do that. – user2153235 Feb 9 at 1:21
  • My laptops usually exceed 5 or 6 years of use and hinges do not wear out. Very old laptops had this issue, but newer ones are much better in this regard. – John Feb 9 at 1:23

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