I have a pdf that puts contact info per page and rest of the page is blank. I want to convert this pdf to excel but have it organized in columns and rows so I can print out as a list. How can I do that?

  • That is a fairly difficult product and you may need a paid tool to do it. Here is a decent tutorial to get you started: investintech.com/resources/blog/archives/… – John Feb 9 at 22:39
  • Power BI has a connector that can read PDF data and chances are that this connector will be available for Excel Power Query soon. – teylyn Feb 9 at 23:21
  • So power bi can breakdown the pdf and scraping the formatting into what I want. It's the same format for each page so if i can just tell it to take format 1 pdf to format 1 a excel it can do that for all my pages? – Vick Feb 9 at 23:39
  • @Vick,, could you share the file or portion so we could test it to suggest the method! – Rajesh S Feb 10 at 5:13
  • How do I upload a file? – Vick Feb 10 at 5:21

You can try tabula. It extracts tables from PDFs quite well. https://tabula.technology/ And it's free!

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